Straps: style shoes, summer 2012

FashionShoes representing the intertwining straps of different widths, however if the legs are bandaged - one of a hits of a source and summer of 2013.Typically, that models make for a very big platform. The most popular colors are whiteness, sable, brownness. But there are unexpected choices, like celadon.  Similar articles:Vogue Gallery ladies' summer clothingStyle Autumn mode gerls's coat: Graduation in length: MiniStyle Fashionable coat for a offseason. . . . Читать полностью -->

Shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

VogueCurrent shoes with Dolce & Gabbana - wicker shoes on a high platform, decorated with a large flower in a jumper. Flowers look so organic and graceful that it seems how if you tremble at any step models. In that shoes inexplicably glamor connected with folklore, organic fashion with boldness. You can as well be lacquered (red, yellow, green), but the platform in the case - wicker.  Resembling posts:Mode Autumn Style: Best key TrendsVogue Fashion jewelry. Gerls's handbags: the charm of the new springFashion Gloves Siberian Woman. . Читать полностью -->

Vogue Evening Clothing Spring 2013

StyleEvening clothes - a child of standard of stylishness and style, a opportunity to demonstrate all the advantages of their own outside and the most striking features. The alone evening clothing? Last century! Presently is indecent to possess in her wardrobe at least 3-4 diverse evening clothing, of course, if you go out into the light.Well chosen evening clothes itself - a holiday. If you enjoy some lovely clothes, you will always find an excuse to present off in them, which means that the holidays in your life will be more.Source Time 2012 got us lots of interesting designs and bold bloom combinations.  Like posts:Fashion Summer Mode: Clothes for graduatesFashion Autumn Style: The chief trends autumn modeVogue Have ready for summer: style jewelry. Summer jewelry: bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry. . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue colored clothing Summer 2013

StyleHis main rate in 2011 vogue houses get done on bloom. In addition to a white-known collections of triumph deep pink, orange, green, blue and purple.How simple so potential on a fashion clothes by the colors be very catchy. Is yet relevant to a one-shoulder neckline and flounces. Ruffles decorate hems and sleeves, sew the costume whole dress. One of a findings of stylists this summer - shuttlecocks with nice pleating. These bright clothes stylists choose concise accessories are normally a contrasting bloom. Читать полностью -->

Suit tuxedo Source 2013

FashionAmong a typical trends of source 2013 - gerls's tuxedos. The elegant, stringent and at a same time - a stunningly graceful! And at the height of relevance - a release of a tuxedo with a great skirt. For example, a stunning success in a mode shows used tuxedos with white women's great skirt represented in the assemblage of Dior. A chief unit of this costume - satiny lapels.  Similar articles:Fashion Gerls's shoes, new style trendsStyle Chic summer clothes and suitsStyle Summer gerls's pants. . . Читать полностью -->

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