FashionA current woman always has in her wardrobe at least 2 or three jackets. This is a extremely pop type of clothing: jackets warm, give a elegant and sophisticated be, while not constraining movements. In addition, well-chosen jacket to emphasize the bod and able to attract a striving of others.To get a new jacket is not alone functional and comfortable subject of the wardrobe, but also fashionable new clothes, you wish to know the main trends of a coming winter period 2013/2012.  Like posts:Mode Wedding: photo of nice dressesStyle Gate-hood, collar-counter, mohair tapeFashion Spring Street Style. . . . Читать полностью -->

Big handbags spring 2013

FashionAmong the most well-known trends of source 2012 - roomy bag with short handles. You ofttimes enjoy a rectangular bod with rounded corners. These bags are done of textiles or skin, occasionally - of a combinations. However for flower - most designers propose pastel shades. How decorative elements frequently act stones, crystals, chains and embroidery.  Like posts:Style Spring Fashion: Vogue styles of sunglassesFashion Summer jewelry: bags, scarves, sunglasses, AccessoriesMode Summer Mode: Clothing for graduates. . Читать полностью -->


VogueA hottest tendency this spring, how has along been said - a face. So, the well-known denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for chic models. With the approach of warm, almost summer hours become topical flowing light fabrics - satin, delicate lace and chiffon.   Similar posts:Fashion CrumpetStyle Models of evening clothes for larger gerlsVogue Vogue Accessories Source 2012 period. . . . Читать полностью -->

StyleStraight pants with arrows are enduring classics that will never come down with the catwalks. You create a girl visually slimmer and pull up. These pants are suitable for almost a occasion. You may walk similar every time in the job, or to a party, for example. In the cool fall and winter season weather will warm well straight pants with the addition of wool. Recommended to choose a neutral color. Читать полностью -->


VogueA hottest trend this spring, so has already been said - the facial skin. So, a popular denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for elegant models. With the approach of soft, almost summer hours get topical flowing light fabrics - satiny, lace and chiffon.   Resembling articles:Fashion Summer Fashion: Options festive attireStyle Gallery hats and jewelryMode Fashionable women's footwear and figgery. . . . Читать полностью -->

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