VogueStraight pants with arrows are enduring classics that will never come down with a catwalks. They make a young woman visually slimmer and pull up. These pants are suitable for practically the occasion. They may walk similar any time in a office, or to a party, for example. In a cool fall and winter season weather will soft rightly straight pants with a addition of wool. Recommended to take a neutral blossom. Читать полностью -->

Lifestyle Military

VogueGarments in military fashion reigns on a runways for some seasons. This winter, you should pay attention to the military jackets - they are peculiar characteristic cut and color, and the presence of decorative shiny buttons, flaps, pockets, epaulettes. If you need to flaunt this winter season military jacket, pick a model appropriate colors - the most pop are gray, green, khaki, sable and olive color.In military fashion unacceptable formlessness: this jacket is always clear and strict slit, by which the figure is however athletic and toned in the military. A perfect complement to such a model would be a belt.  Like articles:Mode Fashion Ornamentals: Gallery of female fur hatsFashion Spring fashion: Major TrendsStyle Summer fashion for complete. . . Читать полностью -->

StyleMilitaristic and space trends together in a configuration of Louis Vuitton. A lot of whiteness transparent chiffon, lots of sable glitter velvet, skin, satiny, sequins.Its transparent white blouse to wear Louis Vuitton offers a sable super mini-shorts. Simple and provocative. Do not forget a dark arrows (make-up) and a luxury great tail (styling).  Alike posts:Mode Bright exhaust optimismVogue Ideas summer clothes for full figure gerlsStyle Emphasis nudity: fashionable summer clothing. . . Читать полностью -->

Style scents spring 2012

VogueAroma - however serious a part of a image, how comfortably how a article of clothing. This is particularly true for gerls. No self-respecting woman would come out of the house without doing her favorite perfume. But, to fragrant plume caused in others alone admiration, it is indispensable, 1st, to be able to pick a appropriate spirits, and secondly, to keep abreast of style victim. What smells recognized so a most relevant in a spring 2012?  Similar articles:Vogue Fashion accessories. Women's handbags: a charm of the new sourceStyle Gerls's shoes, new vogue trendsStyle The main trends in footwear fashion. Читать полностью -->

Skin jacket gerls's style Spring 2013

ModeAs well remain pop and leather jackets. Preference is given to short jacket (up to the waist and above). However for the bloom, you can opt either to a tasting, with black to bright colors. And a purple is still in vogue.In a fashion plaid jacket. A jacket have to be A fitted and short.  Like posts:Fashion Ruffles and bowsVogue Short necklace of large beadsMode Summer time: Style Figgery. . Читать полностью -->

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