Style Jeans Winter period 2009 - 2012: A holes and scrapes

StyleThis winter time is fashionable to wear jeans with holes and abrasions that cause association with the fashion of punk. Permitted an abundance of decorative patches. You be particularly elegant in combination with a T-shirt-alcoholic.Mode designers enjoy long debated a relevance of this trend. How, while it is certainly not going to give up a positions, specifically thanks to brands similar D & G or Disquared2. This winter, these models are offered by practically all right-known international brands.By a technique, do these jeans can be in a home, it is to be welcomed. However, my old jeans can easily arrange a second life. Читать полностью -->

Retro swimsuits

FashionA summer of 2012 will be seen on a beaches of a ladies in separate costumes with big-waisted - almost similar old photos of our moms. Let it looks a bit strange, but however elegant! Vintage Beachwear sea coloring look feminine and romantic. In addition, high-waisted pants can be a true salvation for those who are not special concerned about a thinness of his waist upon a long winter. In such a swimsuit less noticeable extra inches.However for colors, - retro swimwear usually done of cloth in red and blue stripes, whiteness-diluted accents. With a bathing costume is in harmony wide-brimmed hat, large sable sunglasses and comfortable sandals that can be replaced with lucky sandals (option for the pool).  Resembling articles:Style Summer Style: Sunglasses: A most fashionable modelsVogue Ideas summer clothes for full form womenStyle Summer vogue. Gallery of gerls's work clothes for soft weather. Читать полностью -->

Finishing of skin and fur: women's mode jackets Source 2010

FashionBright and impressively this time views trim in skin or fur. Specifically if such a beautify is used in combination with the completely unexpected fabrics, making a contrast and poignancy jackets.Particular striving would be desirable to give a fashionable jackets for men. Modern mode has presented them with approximately surprises. First, the silhouette however a whole. Become fashionable trench coats and double-breasted models. Length - up to the knees. Читать полностью -->

StyleThe current girl 18 years old always has in her wardrobe at least two or 3 jackets. This is a extremely pop type of garments: jackets heartwarming, give a elegant and sophisticated look, while not constraining movements. In addition, good-chosen jacket to emphasize a anatomy and able to attract a note of others.To become a new jacket is not alone functional and comfortable subject of your wardrobe, but also fashionable new clothes, you claim to know a basic trends of the coming winter season time 2013/2013.  Similar articles:Style Fashion Accessories Source 2012 timeStyle Fashionable coat for a offseasonFashion Wedding dresses summer 2013 period. . . . Читать полностью -->

Organic eyebrows

StyleEnough tweeze eyebrows "in thread"! At a peak of popularity - more natural, and why, it is indispensable to leave the "native" line of the eyebrows and even make them wider, using shades of a same flower and a nice brush.One of a hottest trends this source - emphasized bright, almost invisible eyebrows. To reach a desired effect, simply coat the hair blond, practically whiteness powderise the shadows and your.   Similar posts:Fashion Autumn Style: The basic colors of a timeFashion Summer. Vogue trendsFashion What to give a loved one? Mode Figgery. . . . Читать полностью -->

Straps: mode shoes, summer 2011

VogueShoes representing the intertwining straps of different widths, as if the legs are bandaged - one of the hits of a spring and summer of 2013.Typically, these models make for a very high platform. A most well-known colors are white, black, brown. But there are unexpected choices, such as celadon.  Resembling articles:Vogue Fall fashion footwearStyle A main colors of source vogueVogue Fashionable ladies' shoes. . . . Читать полностью -->

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